The Allegiant Instiute Of Healthcare Solutions LLC

" Faithful Healthcare Solutions"


We promise every minute you spend with The Allegiant Institute Of Healthcare Solutions LLC,  will make a difference in your life. You will gain access to a wealth of information, techniques and insight that will assit you to utilize the basic life spport skills learned whether in a healthcare facility or the commubity! Plus, you’ll enjoy our convenient  location, ample parking and amenities offered during class.

Science Based Learning

Amercian Heart Association Certifed Instructor teaches according to the new emergency cardiac care and first aid guidelines. According to, "We have known for years that CPR saves lives, but the American Heart Association wants you to know, “Everyone has a role to play in the Chain of Survival.”  On October 15, 2015 the newest science rolled out and it says “Quick action, quality training, use of mobile technology and coordinated efforts can increase survival from cardiac arrest, a leading cause of death in the United States.”  The guidelines recommend more training to develop better systems of care. This includes everyone, including bystanders and advanced healthcare providers,"

Why Join Us


Our training is done in a supportive and motivational environment. We take care of every detail assuring you are able to focus on retaining the information for the class.

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